Consultants use their creativity and problem-solving skills to address a wide variety of problems for their client companies. They gather relevant data, often in a field different from their background, in order to solve specific problems and generate concrete deliverables on a fast deadline.

Learn about consulting careers from three PhD students who participated in the Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club and transitioned into careers at leading consulting companies.

Some highlights:

  • "Talk about your job search" - 0:27
  • "How and when did you become interested in pursuing a career in consulting?" - 3:57
  • "How can PhD’s transition into a consulting career?" - 6:42
  • "What advice would you offer to others interested in a career in consulting?" - 8:33
  • "What was the interview process?" - 10:38
  • "What are you most excited about?" - 14:59

Photo of Ken Estrellas

Kenneth Estrellas, PhD
Dr. Estrellas is a 2017 graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Cellular and Molecular Medicine Program.
He’s excited to start as a Business Analyst at Lifescience Dynamics very soon.

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How did you know you wanted to go into Consulting?
I had some interest in consulting during my time as an undergraduate at Brown, double concentrating in Economics and Biology. I took a course in biotechnology management that introduced some of these concepts. This was furthered during my master's in biotechnology at Brown, where I participated in an entrepreneurship fellowship and learned more about the business of biotechnology. At Hopkins, I attended several consulting info sessions and participated in the Graduate Consulting Club Case Competition in 2013; both experiences were enjoyable and got me interested in, but not set on consulting.
How did you hear about the job?
I heard about the job through LinkedIn.
What skills or experiences did you emphasize in your application?
I emphasized my professional experience (Consulting Case Competition, Equity Research Externship), multidisciplinary training (Bachelor's in Economics on top of science training), and leadership / volunteering experience.
What are you most excited about doing in your new job?
Learning about lots of different fields and meeting new people. Being placed in London for the six-month training period is nice too!