Casual Conversations Speaker Series
2017 - 2018

The Casual Conversation speaker series is designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn from and build relationships with professionals in a very informal setting. Each month, we highlight a specific career option – spanning industry, government, the non-profit sector, academia, and more. The invited guest speaker will share his or her career trajectory, details about day-to-day life on the job, and tips for carving out a successful career path. Attendees are encouraged to come armed with questions and speakers are encouraged to be candid; the event is truly a casual conversation!

Please visit the BCI events calendar for additional details about each event and to RSVP.

November 2, 2017
Topic: Biotech
  • Geoff Lynn, PhD | CSO @ Avidea Technologies
  • Sam Hong, PhD | Scientist and Operations Officer at Rapafusyn
December 1, 2017
Topic: IP Law
  • John Hsu, PhD, JD
December 12, 2017
Topic: Policy
  • Christa Wagner, PhD | Genetics and Public Policy Fellow, American Society of Human Genetics and National Human Genome Research Institute
January 17, 2018
Topic: NIH Research Administration
  • Jaron Lockett, PhD | Scientific Program Analyst @ NIH/NIA
  • Candace Kerr, PhD | Program Director, Aging Physiology Branch @ NIH/NIA
February TBD 2018
Topic: Medical Writing
  • Yeshi Mikyas, PhD | Director, Medical Communications (regulatory writing and publications) @ MedImmune
February TBD 2018
Topic: Health Care Informatics and AI
  • C. Anthony Johns, MD | Co-founder and CEO @ Frontive Inc.
March TBD 2018
Topic: Technology Transfer & Commercialization
  • Mary Beth Thanhouser, PhD | Business Development Associate @ Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV)
April TBD 2018
Topic: Academic Careers (teaching focus)
  • Rivka Glaser, PhD | Asst. Professor of Biology @ Stevenson
  • Hadiya Woodham, PhD | Lecturer, Cell Biology @ University of Maryland
May 8, 2018
Topic: Field Application Scientist
  • Josh Croteau, PhD | Technical Applications Scientist @ BioLegend
June TBD 2018
Topic: Academic Careers (research focus)
  • Shigeki Watanabe, PhD | Asst. Professor @ Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Phil Jordan, PhD | Asst. Professor @ Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health
  • Andrea Meredith, PhD | Assc. Professor @ University of Maryland School of Medicine

Past 2017-2018 Casual Conversations

August 23, 2017
Topic: NIH Staff Scientist
  • Nadine Samara, PhD | Staff Scientist @ NIH
  • Jason Hoffert, PhD | Scientific Review Officer @ NIH
September 26, 2017
Topic: Industry
  • Mark Schenerman, PhD | past VP, Regulatory and External Sciences @ MedImmune
October 19, 2017
Topic: Science Communications
  • Melissa Miller, PhD | Science Officer @ Ripple Effect Communications