SciPhD - Preparing Scientists for Professional Careers


Being competitive and successful as a professional scientist, regardless of whether in an industry or academic setting requires mastery of scientific, business and social skills. Join SciPhD and the Professional Development and Career Office for a full-day workshop to gain hands-on training to identify and develop your skills in the Business of Science, Communications, Financial Literacy, Negotiating, and Project Management.

Dr. Randall Ribaudo and Larry Petcovich will discuss topics such as critical skills needed in industry, developing experience statements, building a personal brand, social intelligence, technical literacy, and negotiating with your hiring manager and your PI.

SciPhD provides training for scientists who want to transition from academia to non-academic careers. Numerous universities, medical schools, science academies and societies in the US and abroad have hosted SciPhD training programs. For more information about SciPhD and additional resources, visit

All graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, and early faculty/staff are encouraged to register for SciPhD now! There is a $60 registration fee, which includes lunch.
Registration ends June 28, 2018. No refunds will be given after this date.

Testimonials about similar workshops led by SciPhD (from

quote image “I am currently at the decision point between an academic and non-academic career. I found this workshop equally useful for both. I learned how to market myself and how to do a basic idea pitch. The skills that I learned in terms of negotiation have already proved useful as I was able to negotiate for a small increase in my base postdoc stipend but also a sizable moving allowance as I start my first postdoc. The project management topics were useful to get me thinking about all that goes into a new project, and how to start my postdoc on the best footing possible.”
Postdoctoral Fellow
quote image “I want to get an industrial job after I complete my PhD however I lacked knowledge about efficient networking techniques, building targeted resume and how to demonstrate skills which the industry values. This bootcamp is all that and much more!!!! I not only learned these things but I also learned how to negotiate, basics about project management and things which I didn’t even know were so important. I would totally recommend this workshop.”
PhD candidate, University of Chicago
quote image “Shortly after attending the Bootcamp, a friend forwarded to me an ad for an almost perfect job in industry. Using the skills I learned in the Bootcamp to identify the critical competencies described in the ad, I sent off a vastly improved cover letter and the hiring manager responded immediately to schedule a phone interview. Prior to the phone and group interviews, I found myself going back to the Bootcamp materials to review the rules and protocols espoused by the Bootcamp leaders. I was also better prepared for the business aspects of the interview, having learned some of the business jargon, perspectives, and expectations. Overall, I found the Bootcamp enjoyable and worthwhile!”
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Colorado, Denver