OPTIONS Career Communities

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Begin or continue your career exploration by joining a Career Community based on your career interests. Get to know peers with similar interests and career goals and learn from professionals in varying fields. Joining a Career Community will help you create an informed and specific career plan, expand your professional community, and improve your networking skills.

Each community meets for six sessions once a month for interactive workshops led by PhD professionals. The goal of each workshop is to expose participants to different careers in the broader field and provide an opportunity to engage in an activity that highlights the skills and common responsibilities of the career. Participants can assess their skill and interest levels before pursuing further experiential activities to prepare for a specific career.

Options Career Communities are open to all PhD students and postdoctoral trainees. It is required for PhD students completing the OPTIONS curriculum (CMM and BCMB students; see below for curriculum requirements).

OPTIONS Career Communities | The Business Side of Science

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SPRING 2019 Career Communities

Business and Finance
Drug Development

FALL 2019 Career Communities

Academic Research
Science Communication and Policy

SPRING 2020 Career Communities

Biotech and Pharma

Is OPTIONS a requirement for you?

The OPTIONS career curriculum is designed to give trainees the opportunity for Career Exploration, Professional Development Training and Career Skill Building, and Career Experience.

OPTIONS will walk you through the career preparation process in a series of short workshops. All PhD students and postdoctoral trainees are welcome to participate in OPTIONS programming, and the OPTIONS curriculum is integrated into the Cell and Molecular Medicine (CMM) and the Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology (BCMB) programs at the School of Medicine as a degree requirement. Find the program-specific requirements in the sections below.

Years 1 and 2: Career Exploration

Attend our iCAN Speaker Series to learn about different careers in a broad range of fields, and have your questions answered by industry experts. iCAN Speaker events are offered regularly throughout the year.

Attending the NIH Career Symposium will also satisfy this requirement. The PDCO offers a free bus to this event every May.

Year 3: Career Communities

Begin building career-specific skills as you continue your career exploration in a narrower field. Join one of the six career communities based on your career interests. Each community will meet once a month for workshops run by PhD professionals in each field. If you would like to continue exploring multiple career fields, you may select your own set of workshops from those offered throughout the six communities.

Years 4 and Beyond: Gain Career Experience

Our staff will help you create a personalized plan for the remainder of your PhD training, based on your career goals. Gain valuable experience for your future career by doing an internship, joining the Commercialization Academy, completing a teaching certificate, competing in 3-Minute Thesis — Hopkins is full of opportunities to help you prepare for the job you want!

Be sure to also attend our workshops and one-on-one sessions to perfect your job application materials!

Check these sites for ways to gain career experiences at Johns Hopkins: