Career Clinics

The Professional Development and Career Office hosts Career Clinics throughout the year on various employment topics. Workshops are led by Career Services Professionals from our office. Visit the PDCO Recordings Page to view past Career Clinic webinars.

Resumes and Cover Letters

The workshop will highlight best practices for resume-building, emphasize how to market yourself effectively, and how to tailor your resume to a job description. In this workshop, you will critique various cover letters and create an outline of what you should include in your cover letter. We will also discuss how to write reference letter drafts for fellowships and other opportunities. Please consider bringing your resume, cover letter and a job ad of interest to you to the workshop.

Visit the All Careers Toolkit for resources on resumes and cover letters.

Interviewing Skills

This workshop will provide tips on the behavioral interview questions using the STAR technique. Examples of common interview questions, why hiring managers are asking these questions and examples of good responses will be highlighted. Participants will practice answering interview questions and receive feedback.

Visit the All Careers Toolkit for resources on interviewing skills.

Job Negotiation Strategies

Negotiating a job offer is not easy and research suggests almost 50% of us accept the first offer given. This workshop gives tips on how to answer the dreaded question "What salary are you seeking?" and provides examples of what to say when negotiating a job offer.

Visit the All Careers Toolkit for resources on negotiation strategies.

Navigating the USA Job Application Process

USA jobs can be difficult to navigate. This workshop will cover which positions are applicable to PhDs, the GS scale, and how to submit a competitive application. Attendees will practice answering USA job questions required for all applications.

Visit the All Careers Toolkit for resources on navigating USA Jobs.

PhD Careers: Design, Explore, Engage

Lost on what comes next after your PhD? The process of career exploration can be overwhelming! But the good news is that PhD students are well trained conducting research, and this workshop will teach you how to apply research methods to identify a path for your own career and life.

View a recording of this workshop from 2020.


LinkedIn is the resume of the future and an excellent way to market yourself. Learn about LinkedIn tools and tricks and how to optimize your profile for career success. LinkedIn is not just a job tool but a new way of networking and engaging to advance your career.

Visit the All Careers Toolkit for resources on LinkedIn.