Presentation Skills


In any career, clear communication is essential, and in academic research, one must be able to present their work effectively to many audiences. The resources below will help you create oral and poster presentations for conferences and seminars, scientific pitches for networking, and talks for general audiences.

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

Empower Your Pitch

Empower Your Pitch is a doctoral communication competition that develops the research communication skills of participants, enabling them to deliver diverse pitches to diverse people. The competition empowers presenters to communicate the value of their research at any stage of development and across all disciplines – including STEMM, Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences – in a maximum time frame of three minutes. Presenters may rely on assorted strategies to capture the audience’s attention, convey the essence of their research, and explain its relevance to their listeners.

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Scientific Pitches - 1-minute talks

Drs. Damani Piggott and Caren Freel Myers share their tips for crafting short, persuasive talks about one's research—without the use of slides or visual aids!