Connect with Alumni

Alumni of your research group, program, department, school, and the university are among the best resources to learn about career options and to expand your network. Conducting an informational interview with an alumnus allows you to learn how and why someone with a similar educational background and interests got into their career. You can build a relationship with alumni that can have many benefits, including allowing you to gain industry and company knowledge, having an expert review your job materials, and potentially being recommended for job opportunities.

Check out the list below for ways you can connect with alumni.


LinkedIn is a great resource that allows you to find alumni and potential connections in career fields and specific companies of interest. You can filter your searches by school to find alumni and by current or past companies, industries, or locations to narrow your search. Check out our LinkedIn page for more tips!

Your Program or Department Administrators

Your program or department administrators likely maintain a list of alumni, if it is not publicly available, and they may be able to identify people you should talk with.

Reach out to alumni from past institutions

Utilize your entire alumni network—including those at your prior institutions. Join their alumni associations, and attend local alumni events. You may find that some people are at companies that interest you or have careers similar to your goals.

Make an appointment with us!

Make an appointment with the Professional Development and Career Office to discuss ways to connect with alumni. We can show you best practices for using LinkedIn and GoHopOnline, and we can connect you with alumni in various career fields.