Career Panels

iCAN Speaker Series

The Investigating Careers and Networking (iCAN) series is a great place to start your career planning. iCAN, co-hosted by student groups and programs, will to introduce you to professionals and their range of careers, and also offer an opportunity to network with the panelists following the event. The panelists will share their career story, talk about life on the job, give their tips for success, and take your questions.

January Careers in Science Communication and Advocacy
March Careers in Research and Academic Administration
June Careers in Teaching, Education, and Science Outreach
September 12 Science Communication / Policy / Advocacy Careers
October 10 PhD Jobs Grab Bag! (misc. careers)
February 6 Biotech / Pharma / Industry Careers
March 12 Business / Consulting / Finance Careers

Past Series

September 26 Careers in the Biotech and Pharma Industry
October Careers in Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property, and Technology Transfer
November Careers in Business and Finance