Clinical Research

Many PhDs transition into clinical research careers such as medical writers, clinical trial managers, and statisticians. Success in these careers will require a strong analytical skill set and knowledge of specific laboratory tools and equipment.

The Professional Development and Career Office provides students with the opportunity to research possible career transitions, and find necessary resources to gain additional knowledge and skill sets needed to be successful in their careers.

There are many ways to gain experience at Johns Hopkins and beyond:

Gain Skills and Experience

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Research

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Research has training courses, seminars, and online modules to learn about best practices and innovative clinical and translational research.

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Guildlines and Practices

Familiarize yourself with regulatory guidelines, especially Good Clinical Practice.

Online Training Courses

Take online training courses from the NIH Clinical Center.

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Practice Writing

Practice writing about your own research for different audience, including expert scientist, non-expert scientist, and lay audiences. The Biomedical Odyssey is a good outlet to create writing products for non-expert scientists and lay audiences.

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