Industry Research

Making the transition from academia to industry can seem difficult, but luckily your academic training has well prepared you for the transition. While the path of an academic scientist includes postdoctoral training, that is not always required for research careers in industry. Many PhDs transition into industry-related careers such as Research Scientist, Research Associate, or Social Science Research Analyst. Success in these careers will require excellent communication, leadership, planning and analysis skills.

The Professional Development and Career Office provides students with the opportunity to research possible career transitions, and find necessary resources to gain additional knowledge and skill sets needed to be successful in their careers.

You may be interested in reviewing our Finding a Postdoc powerpoint, narrated by PDCO director, Pat Phelps, Ph.D. This informational presentation covers topics ranging from when to start looking for a postdoc, how to prepare for the postdoc interview process, tailoring your career goals, and finding the right lab and PI.

There are many ways to gain experience at Johns Hopkins and beyond:

Gain Skills and Experience

Biomedical Careers Initiative

The Biomedical Careers Initiative provides career resources for biomedical trainees who wish to explore various careers through research, and also through internships which offer real-world experience, networking opportunities, and the chance to enhance your skill set.

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Biobuzz believes that business does good when the community does good, and vice versa. That is why they look to help you stay be more connected to your biotech cluster by creating experiences through stories, events, and resources.

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JHU Drug Discovery Center

Build innovative partnerships and transform academic translational research while gaining knowledge on expertise in drug discovery research.

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Biomedical Engineering Society

Members will receive benefits such as networking with industry partners, career and business development opportunities and cross-sector collaboration with academia, government, and healthcare.

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Maryland Tech Council

The largest technology trade association in the state of Maryland, who provides value by giving their members forum to learn, share and connect. Members are provided with educational programming taught by industry leaders with a focus on key topics, advocacy at the state and national levels, and a variety of opportunities to take part in networking events.

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