Intellectual Property

You may be interested in moving your career into the Intellectual Property sector, where patent agents, patent lawyers, and tech transfer specialists combine their scientific skills with other skills in business, law, and technology. If so, you might be wondering what your job options are in a career such as this. You may work in technology transfer offices in universities, biotech companies, law firms, and government agencies like the NIH or the USPTO, and you will work with scientist-inventors, companies, and investors.

The Professional Development and Career Office provides students with the opportunity to research possible career transitions, and find necessary resources to gain additional knowledge and skill sets needed to be successful in their careers.

There are many ways to gain experience at Johns Hopkins and beyond:

Gain Skills and Experience

Apply for an internship at the JHTV Commercialization Academy

JHTV’s Commercialization Academy provides experiential learning opportunities to select graduate students and postdoctoral trainees interested in commercial assessment, intellectual property management, agreement monitoring and other related areas.

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Take a Course

Take a course in Intellectual Property Law or Commercializing Your Invention or Idea through the PDP.

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Participate in Entrepreneurship Training Programs

Participate in entrepreneurship training programs, such as the NSF I-CORPS program to learn about identifying unmet market needs.

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Become a Registered Patent Agent

Become a registered patent agent by taking the patent bar exam. For more information, refer to the UPSPTO website.

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