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Professional Development & Skill Building Workshops

More resources on professional development topics and application document creation can be found under our Job Search Toolkit and Professional Development sections of our website.

Scientific Pitches
Drs. Damani Piggott and Caren Freel Myers share their tips for crafting short, persuasive talks about one's research—without the use of slides or visual aids! Video is at bottom of the linked page.

Three Minute Thesis Workshop (March 5, 2020)
Students will learn how put together a winning 3MT talk. We will cover how to condense your dissertation into three minutes, choosing a visual that enhances your talk, and presentation tips for public speaking.

Advancing Your Career With Twitter (May 5, 2020)
This workshop is designed for researchers who are new to using Twitter professionally. We will cover the basics of setting up your professional profile, tweeting, engaging with other users, and the ethics of professional social media. At the end, we will discuss the more advanced uses of Twitter for conferences, outreach, and education.

Building A Professional Online Presence (June 11, 2020)
Over 1 billion names are googled every day and 94% of people only look at the first page of results—do you know what shows up for your name? Building an online presence through professional networking sites and social media platforms is becoming a necessary step for a maintaining connections and advancing your career. This workshop provides an overview of professional social media and networking platforms and tips on how to use the internet to build your community, share your work, and engage with stakeholders. We will also discuss ethics and professionalism in the digital age.

Homewood PHutures Office YouTube Page
View recordings of career panels and workshops hosted by the PHutures Office.

Getting a Job in the US Federal Government (July 15, 2020)
The US Federal government employees thousands of PhDs in a wide variety of research and non-research related positions. This workshop will cover which federal positions are applicable to PhDs, the GS scale, and how to submit a competitive application through USAJobs. We will also briefly cover other ways to work for the government that do not involve USAJobs applications (including fellowships and contracting organizations).

Career Awareness Events

Find more information on various careers for PhDs on our Career Paths page, whereas the schedule of upcoming iCAN events can be found on the iCAN Speaker Series section of our website.

iCAN Panel: PhD Careers in Science Policy, Advocacy, and Communications (September 2020)
The iCAN (Investigating Careers And Networking) speaker series is a great place to start your career planning. During this panel discussion, you will hear from alumni and other PhD professionals about their career journeys, life on the job, tips for navigating a similar transition, and have your questions answered. Co-hosted with the Johns Hopkins Science Policy Network (JHSPG).

  • Daniel Bastardo Blanco, PhD, Global Liaison Specialist, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • Pamela Bradley, PhD, Director, Policy & Advocacy, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.
  • Danielle Haney, PhD, Health Science Policy Analyst, The National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Vabren Watts, PhD, Founder, The Science Journalist

IndieBio Info Session and Panel Discussion (August 4, 2020)
IndieBio is the world’s leading biotech accelerator. Twice each year, the founding scientific teams of 10-15 select companies gather in San Francisco or New York for a 4-month intensive program. IndieBio provides $250,000 capital and a mentorship-based program to impart the entrepreneurial skills needed to run a successful biotech startup. This event will cover the IndieBio program through interactive Q&A. We’ll discuss alumni successes, the difference between an academic and entrepreneurial mindset, and what differentiates an outstanding application. Learn more at

Academic Job Search Overview (July 22, 2020)
Join us for an overview of the academic job search process and learn from current and former postdoctoral fellows of Johns Hopkins University who have recently successfully obtained a tenure track academic position. Co-hosted with the JHM Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

Consulting Careers | Q& A from PhD Students
Learn about consulting careers from three PhD students who participated in the Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club and transitioned into careers at leading consulting companies.

Career Conversations: Health Advocacy, Dr. Meghan McGinty
Meghan McGinty, a PhD alum from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, shares details about her transition from graduate school to her current role as Deputy Director of Big Cities Health Coalition.

Career Conversations: Science Policy, Dr. Nicole Parker
Nicole Parker, a PhD alum from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, shares details about her transition from graduate school to her career in Science Policy. She also shares tips for current trainees interested in similar careers.

Career Conversations: Science Policy, Dr. Judy Keen
Judy Keen, PhD alum from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, shares details about her transition to nonprofit and association work, as well as tips for pursuing a career in science policy and administration.

Career Conversations: Science Policy, Dr. Daniel Pham
Daniel Pham, a PhD alum from the Neuroscience graduate program, shares details about his transition from the bench to science policy, as well as tips for forging a career in policy.

Career Conversations: Science Policy, Dr. Jason Rao
An interview with Jason Rao, PhD about his job in science policy and ways you can improve your chance of getting a science policy job.

Career Conversations: Staff Scientist, Dr. Akunna Iheanacho
An interview with Akunna Iheanacho, PhD about her staff scientist position and ways you can prepare yourself for similar positions.

Career Conversations: Field Application Scientist, Dr. Jennifer Poitras
A conversation with Jennifer Poitras, PhD about her Field Application Scientist position with Qiagen, and ways you can prepare for a career as a Field Application Scientist.

Career Conversations: Public Sector, Dr. Amanda Latimore
Amanda Latimore, an Epidemiology PhD alum from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, shares details about her transition from graduate school to the public sector, as well as tips for pursuing a career in the public sector.

JHU Biotech/Pharma Industry Mentor Match Program
The JHU Biotech/Pharma Industry Mentor Match Program offers Johns Hopkins PhD students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to select a mentor from a group of experienced professionals, composed of members from the CASSS organization, Johns Hopkins alumni, and other PhD career professionals. CASSS is a global community of biopharmaceutical industry, academic, and regulatory professionals. The program aims to help PhD students and postdocs better understand the many types of careers available within industry, as well as how to successfully transition to a career of their choice. In addition, the program aims to provide participants with a meaningful network of industry professionals.

Postdoctoral Programs & Fellowships Webinars

The PDCO hosts “Finding the Right Postdoc Week” every summer and invites various postdoctoral programs and fellowships to present webinars about their opportunities. See more info about Postdoc Week and webinar descriptions on the Postdoc Week page.

Not sure where to start when considering a Postdoc? Watch our webinar on "Finding the Right Postdoc" first!

Academic & Non-Profit Postdoctoral Fellowships & Programs
Postdocs at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (August 2020)
President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, University of California (June 2019)
Teaching Postdocs and IRACDA Programs (June 2018)
Postdocs at The Jackson Laboratory (June 2018)

Industry Postdoctoral Opportunities
Industry Postdoc Panel: Alumni Perspectives (June 2020): Coming soon!
Biogen Worldwide Medical Postdoctoral Fellowship (June 2020): Coming soon!
AstraZeneca (June 2020): Coming soon!
AstraZeneca (June 2019)
Novartis (June 2019)
Regeneron (June 2019)
Genentech (June 2018)

Federal Government Postdoctoral Opportunities and Fellowships
CDC Epidemiology Intelligence Service Fellowships (June 2020): Coming soon!
FDA Postdoctoral Fellowships (June 2020)
Leadership, Policy, and Outreach Postdoctoral Fellowships Panel (June 2020): Coming soon!
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship (June 2018)
Federal Government Postdoc Opportunities (June 2018)
CDC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships for HIV Prevention in Communities of Color (June 2019)
NIH, National Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention Fellowship (June 2019)

OPTIONS Career Community Workshops

Check out the OPTIONS Career Communities page to learn more about the program and see a list of upcoming events.

OPTIONS Info Session (September 3, 2020)
The OPTIONS program is designed to guide you through the career exploration process and help you prepare for your future career in a manageable way. This information session provides an overview of the OPTIONS program, upcoming events, and how to participate in this one-of-a-kind experience. During the Q&A, past participants share their experiences. Please note that this is an information session, not an OPTIONS workshop. For students participating in the OPTIONS curriculum, viewing this recording does not count towards your requirements.

OPTIONS | The Business Side of Science
OPTIONS is designed to give trainees the opportunity to explore careers, build professional skills, and network through highly interactive sessions led by industry professionals. Trainees can choose from five communities to join: Academic Research; Science Communication, Advocacy, and Administration; Teaching; Business Side of Science; and Drug Development.

OPTIONS Academic Research │ Establishing your Academic Research Career
During the first workshop in the OPTIONS Academic Research Career Community, we cover:

  • Academic infrastructure 101
  • Faculty salaries and start-up support
  • Time management techniques for new faculty
  • Plus a conversation with Daniel Dominguez, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Utilize the worksheet to complete the activities and review the handout for additional information related to this workshop.